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Hire Me

Year after year school districts spend millions of dollars on getting various technologies in the hands of students.  While this is typically very exciting for all those involved, it is important to ask “Are we getting a good return on our investment?  Are we providing staff and students with the appropriate equipment and support to see significant academic progress?

Too often you see money spent on devices but little training is provided.  Other times you may see plenty of training but there may be no study of its impact on students.  It’s time for schools to measure their progress much like you would measure many other initiatives in education and then make a plan of action.  That is where Hale EdTech Consulting can help you.

Please contact me today to see how I can create a Campus Innovation Plan to fit your needs.

Watch this video to learn more about the process.

Here are some of the sessions I offer but I would be happy to customize a session to meet your needs. Course Catalog

JP Hale, CEO


Presenting an Ignite Session at ISTE 2013

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